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Customer Feedback

The IDEA!-Team supports ...

numorous national and international companies. In very short time IDEA! has proven itself during daily work for operators at production lines, for office employees, even for the top management.

Hundreds of customers and freeware users...

have surprised us with very positive feedback, stating that we are going in the right direction. A good product in combination with excellent service simply pay off. We thank our fan base and all users that allowed us to publicize their feedback. [customer feedback]

Company references:

Authorities for construction -Hamburg-
- Implementation of a drawing and Planortverwaltungssystems

- Implementation of a knowledge database for the R&D department

mid-sized paint producer
- Cooperation interface for external branches abroad

Electronics producer
-Implementation of a maintenance database

Police department in Hessen
- Knowledge database

Research organization for standard software
- Processing software developement and Quality assurance for documentation
Owner of water plants
- Technical documentation and version management of sewage works

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